Custom Vinyl Sticker

A high quality image (png, jpg, pdf) of at least 300 dpi. If you have any doubts regarding the work, you can reach us at or 7976739442 

For getting any image in custom decales format what you have to do you may contact us our instagram page email or whatapp , 
you have to send a good quality image in any format or yoour required size ..
please note the charges will be based on the size you want for this , prize may  vary with different size....

         prize listed below --

  1. small 290 Rs  (width might be 11.00 in * according to image )

  2. medium 390 Rs (width might be 17 inch * according to image  )

  3. large  520 Rs (width might be 22 in * according to image)

Please send a image at email id or our whats app contact , we will confirm you first before proceeding or making ..