How to apply vinyl decal on wall or any surface ?

1.The decal comes rolled in a tube. It consists of backing paper on which the vinyl is stretched and on top is application tape Once decal comes in you need to unroll it and let it stay flat for a while.


2.Once you are ready to install and the surface is prepared (free of dust and grease and not wet or moist) take a decal and using painters tape tape it to a position right at the middle.

3.On the top part fold the decal down and start removing backing paper exposing glue side of the vinyl and allowing the application tape with vinyl on it fall down, do not allow application tape to roll into itself.

4.Once half of the backing paper is removed, cut it off and using a credit card and your fingers in a slow angled motion apply application tape to the wall. When first part is done. remove painters tape and do the same to the bottom part.

5.Once all done, allow the application tape stay on a wall for a couple of hours before attempting to remove it. When you remove the application tape - go slow as well and if vinyl comes off the wall with the application tape,

6.push it back with your finger back to the wall and go again. This seems like a complicated process, but it is not. It will take a few minutes, but you have to go slow and be patient. Each package comes with a sheet of instructions: written directions and images showing the process in simple steps.